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24/7 Emergency Response Tamper-resistant technology Fire and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Real-time alerts Remote control via mobile app

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Keeping your home protected and secure

 is Job 1.  Unlike other systems that piggyback on your cable or phone connection, systems have a dedicated cellular connection so you can count on reliable 

uninterrupted service.

Wireless Means No Holes

Security Systems wireless

Total Home Security Intrusion, Smoke, Fire, Co2

DriveWay Alert

Wireless  Entry Alert up to 2500 feet announces vehicles and people. Up to 4 sensors can be used

Wireless Alert 2500' Range Up To 4 sensors for total property perimeter protection. Alerts when vehicles and people enter your property

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Only The Best Quality Is Good Enough

4K Resolution CCTV cameras

Police Require Video Verification To Respond To Alarm Calls Now.

Hi Quality Video Will Assist Greatly In Making Quick Arrests.